How It Works

We want your wedding day to be as beautiful and stress-free and possible, which is why we created Denver Wedding Rental Company. 

Who wants to spend months collecting all the elements of perfect centerpieces just to have them sit in storage for years to come? 

Why not rent? 

We have what it takes to put together the perfect Colorado Wedding and we have the team to pull it off. 

We can deliver, set-up and coordinate your big day. And we already know your vision,,,because we helped you create it!

What does all of this mean? Where do you start? Some people prefer to browse the site and place their order. For others they prefer a little one-on-one assistance. We are happy to provide complimentary decor planning service. Just reach out to us my chat, phone or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible to help you plan your big day! 

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