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**If you are interested in a position, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page. We will email you back with the hourly pay, what the schedule will consist of and a few additional questions in order to get an interview scheduled.**


We are looking to hire delivery drivers to deliver and set up wedding decor to venues around Colorado. We ask that you have a good driving record, feel comfortable driving a 16 foot box truck or various smaller delivery vehicles, and have the ability to use a dolly or carry heavy or awkward shaped items. We ask that you are proficient with using tie down straps, use care to keep rental items in good conditions, and have the ability to use wrenches to tighten nuts-and-bolts together. Providing set-up and tear-down services are part of this job.

Other various situations come up when we delivery rental items such as going up stairs, walking over grass or through homes, or setting up lights. We will provide training for setting up lights. We ask that you are comfortable going up and down a ladder if needed. The last portion of the job is working in the warehouse to pull orders for upcoming weekends and put away orders from the previous weekend. 


Working in the warehouse consists of various small jobs to keep things running smoothly. These can include pulling orders, cleaning rental items, washing dishes or linens, ironing linens, putting orders away, meeting clients for pick-up orders, and general cleaning around the warehouse.

We ask that you have a reliable way of getting to work, ability to lift totes full of rental items, help people load thier vehicles with rentals and availability during the weekends.

Sales and Marketing

Our marketing and sales team consists of dedicated professionals providing excellent wedding sales, service and advice to our clients. We are looking for someone who is experienced in the wedding or event industry, has a professional and service first attitude towards clients, and available to communicate effectively via email or on the phone.

Most work will be done over email or the phone, however, some clients like to come into the office to view items, ask questions, etc. We ask that you feel comfortable meeting with people and confident in guiding them through the rental process. (Training Provided)

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